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Our Classes

All our classes are designed by experts in human movement and corrective exercise science.

Classes follow a goal orientated coherent structure focused on issues affecting runners. 

 Making real progress more attainable while hopefully also enriching your understanding of how your body works.

Ultimately, we hope this will increase your enjoyment of running and have you moving as long and as often as possible. 

Yoga for Runners

Yoga is getting more and more recognition for its benefits to runners. It isn't just the increased flexibility and range of motion. Yoga strengthens a part of the brain that is responsible for internal body awareness, increasing the likelihood you pick up little issues before they become a problem.

Our Yoga for Runners class incorporates neuromuscular re-education techniques with classical asanas and breathwork to address the specific needs of runners. As with all our classes, it is built on evidence, drawing on our current understanding of biomechanics and human movement science while honoring the teachings and heritage of yoga.

Yoga Pose
Yoga Pose

Core and Stability for Runners

Core and Stability for Runners aims to lay the groundwork to keep you running pain free. Working from the ankles all the way up towards the neck and shoulders, we address many of the frequently overlooked issues that often end up resulting in injuries. Of course it is not just runners who can benefit from not having knee issues, arthritis or needing hip replacement.

Strength and Conditioning for Runners

Most runners will be familiar with knee pains, shin splints, outer hip pain, and all that other fun stuff. Well, many of those happen when our muscles fatigue and no longer protect our joints or keep us moving optimally. 

In our Strength and Conditioning for Runners class, we work to develop muscular endurance and agility to keep your joints safe even during prolonged high impact. 

This is our most physically challenging and advanced class. If you are relatively new to exercise, we recommend taking a few Core and Stability classes first. 

Be prepared to sweat in this one!

Fit Woman


Along our ongoing classes we offer periodic workshops, talks, retreats, and corporate events covering everything from nutrition to recovery.

If you would like to receive information about any of them, just sign up to our mailing list and let us know what you are interested in so we won't spam you with everything. 

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